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“How I Sold $2.5 Million Worth of Digital Products in 6 Weeks.

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The 4 word question that changed my life
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The secret 6 Vehicles to a weekly $1000 income.
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How Your Mobile phone is A money Generating Machine.
You phone isn't smart if it can't pay for itself and pay your bills. This is the age of web3 and Ai, the device in your hand is many times more powerful than the computer that took men to the moon in the 60s. Learn how to use it wisely.

Dr Sam Harvard is a seasoned change agent who believes that anyone can become whatever they want to be if given the right information and opportunity. Though He graduated with a 3rd class in Phisics, He has grown to become a successful business man winning multiple awards.

With over 18 years business experience, Dr has built businesses worth several millions of dollars. Some are The Zibarr Group, Learnoflix.com, Afrofunnels and TeraPay.

Dr. Sam has been featured in many publications within and outside of Africa, He is a member of the International Third world Leadership Association, Africa Community Connection by the African in diaspora group, a member of Forbes Coaching Council and Forbes Business council to name a few.

He is the founder and visionaire of The Online 1k Club and The convener of The 40streams Conference.

Dr Sam Is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates Where He runs a chain of Software start ups.

Watch How My Students Are Copying My Strategies To Generate Minimum $1000 Online.